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SIMI Lab Talks: "The Business Anatomy of AI in Surgery: From Idea to Implementation" by Ms. Talia Haller

Updated: Mar 2

Embracing the diverse and multidisciplinary nature of the SIMI Lab, we embarked on an initiative last year to pioneer engaging dialogues featuring industry and academic leaders. These talks aim to present invaluable insights and share experiences, enriching our perspectives as innovators. Following the success of our pilot, which witnessed vibrant discussions and practical advice, we are thrilled to announce a series of talks scheduled throughout 2024 with esteemed industry leaders.

We are delighted to have had Ms. Talia Haller as our distinguished guest speaker. You can find more about her professional background on LinkedIn: Talia Haller.

Talia provided a profound overview of the AI technology life cycle, shedding light on challenges and strategies for successful implementation in the business landscape. Thank you, Talia, for your enlightening contribution!

Some of these talks will be open to the general public, providing an opportunity to explore and share interests aligned with the educational perspective of the SIMI Lab. Stay updated on upcoming events by following @thesimilab on Twitter. Join us as we continue to foster knowledge exchange and innovation within our dynamic community.


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